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Post Spawn Tips with Skeet Reese

Skeet Reese knows a thing or two about catching post spawn bass… Reese shares a couple tips on how he approaches this time of year. Get everything you need to fish like Skeet here.

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Crankbait vs. Jerkbait with Bill Lowen

When the bite is on, knowing when to use each type of lure can increase your success throughout the year. Jerkbaits, flat-sided and square bill crankbaits all have their time and place and each can outperform the others at times. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Bill Lowen has a method for choosing each and it depends on water clarity, time of ...

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Tackle Tuesday: Jerkbaits

Late Fall and early Winter is one of my favorite times to throw a suspending jerkbait. I key on features near a main or secondary creek channel such as bluff end points, bridges, or hard channel bends. I usually vary the retrieve according to water temperature but most always use short hard snaps of the rod. The Strike King 300 ...

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