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Livingston Lures Stickmaster: Review

Last month, I was fortunate enough to get a break in the unusually cold winter weather in VA to head out and fish during prime jerk bait season.  I had recently won a Facebook contest from Livingston Lures, whose products “feature our proprietary EBS technology that emulates Natural Baitfish Sounds with the ability to generate more strikes even while completely ...

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Livingston Lures To Give Away $2,000 In Cash At The Bassmaster Class

San Antonio, Tex – 2014 is off to a big start for cutting edge hard bait manufacturer, Livingston Lures. Kicking off the year at the Bassmaster Classic Expo in Birmingham, Livingston has announced cash giveaways, lure giveaways and fan opportunities to meet the Livingston Lures Pro staff team throughout the 2014 B.A.S.S. Classic. Livingston Lures will be hosting Pro Team ...

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Ike talks Hydrowave

Elite series pro Mike Iaconelli talks about the Hydrowave and how he uses it. If your a tournament fisherman and not using the Hydrowave your at a disadvantage.

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Carl talks Power Pole

Bassmaster Opens Pro Carl Jocumsen talks about the advantages of using the Power Pole. Keep up with Carl on his Facebook page.

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Anglers Rise to Challenge at West Point Lake on ProPatterns Exposed

As top Elite anglers prepare for the 2014 GEICO Bassmaster Classic this week, ProPatterns, Inc. releases three new Exposed episodes featuring two Classic contenders, while also offering ProPatterns fans a challenge. Exposed anglers, including Hank Cherry, Casey Ashley, Brandon Palaniuk, GMAN Gerald Swindle, Aaron Martens, Jason Christie, Shaw Grigsby, Mike McClelland, and 48 other anglers face off at the Classic, ...

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2014 Okeechobee Tournament Recap

I just got back from the opening FLW event on Lake Okeechobee. If you haven’t seen the results, or didn’t watch the weigh-ins online, I finished third with 81-01 for four days. Congrats to Brett Hite for taking first and Greg Bohannan for second place. I’m happy to see Greg do so well. He is a great guy and a ...

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Tying a Palomar Knot

Here is a NEW look at tying the palomar knot. Brandon Palaniuk filmed this with a GoPro Chesty mount so that you can now see exactly what you see when you do it yourself. It makes a difference coming from this view!

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Klein Will Carry a Zebco 33 in Classic Competition

More than sixty years ago, a Texas watchmaker named R.D. Hull watched packaging string flow tangle free from a spool at a local supermarket and thought it might make a good idea for a fishing reel. Gary Klein will graciously carry, and possibly compete, with a Zebco 33 at the Bassmaster Classic in honor of Mr. Hull’s life-shaping invention. To ...

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Spring Colors

Picking a lure color for bass fishing is never an exact science, but there are some basic rules of thumb that hold true most of the year.  Spring seems to have its own rules though, possibly because crawfish are changing colors, bass key on different prey species, or because bass become more territorial with spawning.  Regardless of the reason, following ...

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Crews Control: Trip 12

Elite Series pro John Crews explains the features of the new Baby Fat John from SPRO. This crankbait is perfect for those in between depths. Keep up with John on Facebook and his web site. Get the latest offerings from SPRO here. SFT Hi’s Tackle Box

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