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Water Willow: One of Bass Fishing’s Very Best Shallow Water Habitats

It grows just about anywhere, and while even hard core bass anglers often fail to know its name, what they know for sure is that from mid-Spring through autumn it’s unequivocally one of the best shallow water largemouth habitats on the planet. “Water Willow” – or scientifically – Justicia americana. “When I see it, I immediately think about how many ...

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FLW Pros Helping Flood Victims in South Louisiana

By now you have probably heard about or seen all of the flooding in South Louisiana, but pitures and video just do not do it justice it’s historical. FLW Pros Gerald Sophrer and Gene Eisenmann are in Gerald’ home town delivering bottled water and rescuing stranded victims. Here is a video and a few shots from ground zero these people ...

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“Jeremy Lawyer Lines Pocket with LEER”

Jeremy Lawyer is feeling pretty good this week, and for good reason, after yet another fantastic tournament finish; this time at the FLW Tour’s championship event, The 2016 Forrest Wood Cup. “I’m just ready for this work week to be over so I can get out and do a little fishing this weekend,” joked Lawyer. The Missouri regional standout has ...

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Lucas Beats the Heat and Claims the Potomac Title

CHARLES COUNTY, Md. — If professional bass fishing fans didn’t know it before, they know it now. Justin Lucas is a force to be reckoned with — and it doesn’t matter which coast he’s fishing on. The California native, who now lives in Alabama, caught five bass Sunday that weighed 19-13 to win the Bassmaster Elite at Potomac River presented ...

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Christie’s 23lbs

Jason Christie weighed in a 23 lb bag of bass on Championship Sunday at the Potomac River, the biggest bag of the derby. Jason caught all but one of the fish he weighed in last week on a frog, Here is a look at the set up he relied onto capture  nineteen of his twenty bass and a second place ...

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Lucas Dominates the Potomac River

Justin Lucas lead the Potomac River Elite tournament from wire to wire, slamming the door on Sunday with another impressive 20lb bag. Lucas finished the derby with 15 bass that weighed 72lbs 14oz. Here is what Justin had to say just after raising the trophy yesterday. .themify_builder .video-23460-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23460-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23460-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a ...

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Championship Sunday “On Deck” Potomac River 2016

Championship Sunday is underway on the Potomac River and the Top twelve are hard at work, Here is look at what we saw this morning “On Deck” .themify_builder .gallery-23428-0-0-1.module-gallery { }

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Day 3 Potomac River 2016 Weigh In

The Top 12 is set for Championship Sunday, Justin Lucas maintained his lead on day three. Here are a few videos from this afternoon. .themify_builder .video-23425-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23425-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23425-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-23425-0-0-2.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23425-0-0-2.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23425-0-0-2.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-23425-0-0-3.module-video .video-content { ...

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“On Deck” Day 3 Potomac River 2016

Here is a look at what we saw “On Deck” this morning at stop number eight of the Bassmaster Elite Series. .themify_builder .gallery-23397-0-0-1.module-gallery { } .themify_builder .video-23397-0-0-2.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23397-0-0-2.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23397-0-0-2.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-23397-0-0-3.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23397-0-0-3.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23397-0-0-3.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-23397-0-0-4.module-video .video-content ...

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Day 3 Weigh In Potomac river 2016

Day three is in the books here at the Potomac River for stop number eight of the Bassmaster Elite Series. Hot has been the word of the week, but the bass are still biting, here are a few videos from today’s weigh in. .themify_builder .video-23394-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23394-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23394-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder ...

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