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Rapid Line Guide and Clip with Shaw

Shaw Grigsby checks in with a great little product for us anglers that may be a bit visually challenged. Sometimes the simple task of threading your line through your rod guides can be enough to make you scream. The Rapid Line Guide solves it all. Don’t forget the Rapid line clip too.it will save  you even more time and frustration. ...

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Almost Chearting… Not Really

Elite Series Pro Mark Menendez shares a crankbait tip he uses to make sure the fish that bite actually make it in the boat. Pay close attention as mark shares this simple modification you are going to want to try. Follow Mark on his Facebook page. See the full Strike King line up here.

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Pro Vs Joe Camera Crew Madness

Brent Takes on the smack talking camera crew while down in Florida. Watch the Season 2 finale of Pro vs Joe here, be sure to subscribe to Brent Chapman Fishing on YouTube.

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GEICO Rewind from the Potomac with Mike McCelland

Elite Series pro Mike Mccelland recaps the GEICO employees tournament on the Potomac River. GEICO anglers David Walker and James Niggemeyer along with McCelland always make this event special.  

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Amazing Product…Amazing Price

Elite Pro Ish Monroe talks about Fuego Combo 2017. Here it is folks a rod and reel that will perform at the highest level at a very affordable price. The Fuego combo is often overlooked but should not be underestimated. Watch as introduces the line up. Follow is on his Facebook page. See the full Daiwa line up here.

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Ike’s Grass Fishing Solution

Fishing thick weeds can be a challenge and down right frustrating. We all know the thickest stuff holds the biggest bass the problem is getting to them. Mike Iaconelli shares his secret for dealing with the nastiest of the nasty. He chooses the Grass GOAT from R2 Marine Innovations. If you want to catch them like IKE you better put ...

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A Spinnerbait You will Love!

The guys at Molix are always pushing the envelope when it come to lure design, the new LOVER Spinnerbait brings something new to an old stand by. Mike Iaconelli explains a how he fishes this new hybrid and why he loves it. Follow Mike on his Facebook page. See the full Molix line up here.

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Fishing is Hot Up North

The Niagara Region of Western New York is still producing some impressive Smallmouth reports Capt. Frank Cambell of Niagara Region Charter Service. The fish are all over the spawning phase with fish pre,active,and post spawn. That means we are catching fish from 2 to 45 feet of water using a variety of methods. Dropshotting Strike King Half Shells and dragging ...

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FLW Tour pro Tom Redington Hosting 400 Scouts Fishing in NYC this Week

With fishing poles in hand and fishing superstars at the ready to give pointers, the first experience of reeling in a catch next week for hundreds of young New Yorkers is sure to be a memorable one. New York City may not be what you imagine when you think of prime fishing holes. But Brooklyn’s Prospect Park is exactly where 400 to ...

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ima Skimmer Grande Top Water Gets Bit

There’s nothing like walking your topwater lure and seeing it get crushed. The ima lures Skimmer Grande creates some monster bowling ball blow ups. Follow Bill on his Facebook page. Get your Skimmer here.

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