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Swindle talks Smallies, Big Limits, Lures at Day 1 Launch

If you want to know the weather conditions at Day 1 launch of the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year Championship at Mille Lacs, MN just ask on-air meteorologist Reynolds Wolf of the The Weather Channel. He’s broadcasting live from the shoreline. He says it’s a chilly 54-degrees with a breeze from the East. If you want to hear Toyota ...

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Jordan Lee and Alen McGuckin from Mille Lacs

Dynamic Sponsorships own Allen McGuckin and Jordan Lee check in from Mille Lacs. .themify_builder .video-23658-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23658-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23658-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { }

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Mille Lacs Preview AOY Championship

The 2016 AOY Championship is about to kick off in Mille Lacs Minnesota. By all accounts this is going to be a slugfest. Here is a quick preview from Allen McGuckin and Dan Quinn on just how good this lake is. .themify_builder .video-23655-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23655-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23655-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { }

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GEICO Rewind from LaCrosse Wisconsin

Tournament fishing is full of highs and lows and last week was just that for GEICO anglers David Walker and James Niggemeyer. Here the two anglers share their thoughts on the Mississippi River Rumble in La Crosse Wisconsin. .themify_builder .video-23651-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23651-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23651-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } Keep up with David here. Follow ...

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What, When, Why and How – Fall Crankbaits with Bill Lowen

Fall is on the way, as the leaves begin to change Elite series pro Bill Lowen explains when to throw the IMA Square Bill. The best rod, reel and line choices to get the most out of this set up.  Bill also talks about where to throw it and the best way to choose the correct color.  .themify_builder .video-23648-0-0-1.module-video .video-content ...

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Ott DeFoe Dominates To Clinch Bassmaster Elite Series Victory On The Mississippi R

Ott DeFoe of Knoxville, Tenn., wins the 2016 Plano Bassmaster Elite at Mississippi River presented by Favorite Fishing held out of La Crosse, Wis., Sunday, with a four-day total weight of 63 pounds, 10 ounces.                                                       Photo by Seigo Saito/Bassmaster   LA CROSSE, Wis. — Ott DeFoe maintained his lead for the third day in a row to earn his first ...

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Ott DeFoe Wins the Mississippi River La Cross 2016

Ott DeFoe got it done today on the Mississippi River, here are a few videos from the champ. .themify_builder .video-23643-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23643-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23643-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-23643-0-0-2.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23643-0-0-2.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23643-0-0-2.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-23643-0-0-3.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23643-0-0-3.module-video .video-title { } ...

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Championship Sunday Videos from La Cross

Here are a few videos from just after today’s weigh in at the Mississippi River Rumble in La Crosse. .themify_builder .video-23641-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23641-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23641-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-23641-0-0-2.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23641-0-0-2.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23641-0-0-2.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-23641-0-0-3.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23641-0-0-3.module-video .video-title { ...

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“On Deck” Championship Sunday La Cross

Here is what we saw this morning just before take off on Championship Sunday. .themify_builder .gallery-23606-0-0-1.module-gallery { }

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Day 3 Weigh in La Cross 2016

Day 3 is in the books here at La Cross, here are a few videos from this afternoons weigh in. .themify_builder .video-23604-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23604-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23604-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-23604-0-0-2.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23604-0-0-2.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23604-0-0-2.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-23604-0-0-3.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23604-0-0-3.module-video .video-title ...

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