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Don’t Overlook Heavy Weights for Drop Shotting

During the unique 8-man Bassmaster Classic Bracket tournament on New York’s Niagara River, Jacob Powroznik showcased the importance of going big with your drop shot weights when conditions call for it – like when hunkered down behind a bridge pier in 25-feet of water with the current raging past, not far from plunging over Niagara Falls. “I realize that normally ...

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Andy Montgomery Talks TWS at ICAST 2016

Elite Series pro Andy Montgomery was pretty fired up about the Daiwa T-Wing system at ICAST 2016. Andy explains a few of the reasons why TWS will make you a better fisherman. .themify_builder .video-23139-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23139-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23139-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } Follow Andy on his Facebook page. See the full Daiwa line up ...

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Carl Jocumsen: Versatility in Tough Conditions

Australia’s Carl Jocumsen understands that when the fishing is tough, an angler’s mind and skills are the best tools for getting bass to bite.  Carl teaches about his versatile approach when the bite slows down with specifics on the tactics and decisions that have worked best for him. Carl states on his website: I never give up until the last ...

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VanDam, Lee, and Powroznik talk Bassmaster Classic Bracket Tournament

Kevin VanDam has competed in 288 B.A.S.S. events, but never one quite like the 8-man Bassmaster Classic Bracket that kicks off Thursday in Buffalo on the Niagara River. VanDam, along with Quantum teammates Jordan Lee and Jacob Powroznik talked candidly about everything from goldfish to topwater ducks on the eve of the unique tournament format featuring abbreviated competition hours, one-on-one ...

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Why Brad Knight uses the Eliminator

Forrest Wood Cup Champion Brad Knight knows how important being efficient on the water is. He uses the Eliminator Prop Nut to accomplish a couple of things. Find out what they are here. .themify_builder .video-23132-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23132-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23132-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } Follow Brad on his Facebook page. See the entire line up ...

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T-H Marine Announces the Mr. Crappie Hydrowaves and Crappie Care Products

Huntsville, AL – July 14, 2016 — T-H Marine Supplies, Inc., of Huntsville, Ala announced today the first of its Mr. Crappie brand products. These products include a Mr. Crappie H2 Hydrowave, Mr. Crappie Hydrowave Mini, a Mr. Crappie Hydrowave Expansion card and Mr. Crappie Crappie Care. T-H Marine’s president, Jeff Huntley, stated, “T-H Marine is excited to announce the ...

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The Best Fishing Footwear

We always talk about rods, reels lures to catch fish… Mike Iaconelli talks about the shoe he wears to help him catch more fish. Find out why he wears them. .themify_builder .video-23125-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23125-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23125-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } Check out all the Under Armour gear you need here. .themify_builder .text-23125-0-0-2.module-text { }

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“What, When, Why and How” with Bill Lowen

We are kicking off a new video series with Elite Series pro Bill Lowen called “What, When, Why and How”. Segment one comes to you from ICAST 2016 and Lowen was excited to show us the Dollar Bill Crankbait. If you want to become a better fisherman you need to follow this new series.   .themify_builder .video-23120-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } ...

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Ike’s Lover Spoon – ICAST 2016

It’s ledge fishing time and a big spoon can be a great way to catch them. Mike Iaconelli shares a few features of the spoon he loves… The Ikes’ Lover Spoon from Molix Baits .themify_builder .video-23118-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23118-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23118-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } See the full MOLIX line up here. Follow Mike on ...

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Stetson’s Bass Mafia Case – ICAST 2016

ICAST 2016 is in the books, the new Bass Mafia Case has to be one of the coolest tackle storage systems we have seen to date. Stetson Blaylock explains the features that set the new CASE apart from all the others. .themify_builder .video-23116-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-23116-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-23116-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } See all of ...

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