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Championship Sunday “On Deck”

Championship Sunday is underway here at Toledo Bend , here is a look at what we saw on the decks of the top twelve. .themify_builder .gallery-22714-0-0-1.module-gallery { }

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Day 3 Weigh Videos

KVD continues to lead heading into Championship Sunday. Here are a few videos from today’s weigh in. .themify_builder .video-22711-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-22711-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-22711-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-22711-0-0-2.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-22711-0-0-2.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-22711-0-0-2.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-22711-0-0-3.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-22711-0-0-3.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder ...

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Busted Buttons, Bags of Ice, and All Eyes on VanDam at Toledo Bend

Happy-go-lucky pro Fred “Boom Boom” Roumbanis once showed up at a cold Bassmaster Classic in Shreveport without shoes. Well, actually, he had flip-flops, but because his trusted bride Julie wasn’t able to help him pack for that particular trip, the California native who now lives in Oklahoma, toughed it out with minimal footwear at that Classic. Today at Toledo Bend, ...

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Day 3 take Off Videos Toledo Bend

Day number three is underway, here are a few videos from this mornings take off. .themify_builder .video-22704-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-22704-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-22704-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-22704-0-0-2.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-22704-0-0-2.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-22704-0-0-2.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-22704-0-0-3.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-22704-0-0-3.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-22704-0-0-3.module-video .video-title ...

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Day 2 Weigh In Videos Toledo Bend

Here are a few videos from today’s weigh in at Toledo Bend. .themify_builder .video-22701-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-22701-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-22701-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-22701-0-0-2.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-22701-0-0-2.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-22701-0-0-2.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-22701-0-0-3.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-22701-0-0-3.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-22701-0-0-3.module-video .video-title a { } ...

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Iaconelli: Shad for Breakfast, Bluegill for Lunch

Toledo Bend didn’t garner the ranking of America’s #1 Bass Lake from the editors of Bassmaster Magazine because it’s full of starving bass hoping to pick-off grasshoppers. Nope, the massive 186,000-acre reservoir on the Texas-Louisiana border is rich with largemouth groceries ranging from plentiful shad schools to an abundance of bluegill, as well as the region’s agricultural cash crop – ...

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Homemade Cookies for Klein

Class. Intelligence. Bold honesty. Passion. Maybe that’s why my Mom has always called Gary Klein one of her absolute favorite pro anglers. Indeed, he’s a living legend. As a college kid, my dorm room was decorated with wisdom-rich letters from Ken Cook, and a poster featuring Rick Clunn and Gary Klein. I think it was a promotional poster that Skeeter ...

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Toledo Bend Day 2 Take Off

Day 2 is underway here at Toledo Bend, changing conditions are expected today but you can bet these guys are going to catch them. Here are a few videos from this mornings takeoff. .themify_builder .video-22691-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-22691-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-22691-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-22691-0-0-2.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-22691-0-0-2.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder ...

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Day 2 Weigh at Toledo Bend 2016

Kevin VanDam crushed them at Toledo Bend today after weighing in 29-5lbs. Here are a few videos from just after the weigh in. .themify_builder .video-22689-0-0-1.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-22689-0-0-1.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-22689-0-0-1.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-22689-0-0-2.module-video .video-content { } .themify_builder .video-22689-0-0-2.module-video .video-title { } .themify_builder .video-22689-0-0-2.module-video .video-title a { } .themify_builder .video-22689-0-0-3.module-video .video-content { } ...

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Shaw Grigsby: 60 Birthdays and Still Sight Fishing

It was still very dark prior to morning launch at Toledo Bend’s Cypress Bend Park boat ramp, but Shaw Grigsby was shining his polarized sunglasses. He was also showing off cell phone photos of the 60th birthday cake that friends Paul Elias, Don Barone, and bass fishing legend Tommy Martin, shared with him last night. The great thing about Toledo ...

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